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Alien Inhabitant

Somewhere between sanity and insanity lies the truth.

Mark struggles with drug addiction following the war. An alien that only Mark can see, manipulates his will, forcing him to commit acts that he cannot recall. As his mind spirals out of control, his closest friends seek to have him committed. But Mark will do anything to stop them, and so will the alien...


To Stand Above the Clouds

How far would you go to achieve your dream?

At twenty one years of age, mountaineer Rex Pemberton, set off to achieve his dream of becoming the youngest Australian to summit Mount Everest.

This is an incredible journey of self-discovery and sheer determination, as Rex battles gale force winds, sub-zero temperatures and navigates through apartment sized blocks of shifting ice, in his pursuit to reach the highest point on earth.

“To Stand Above the Clouds” is Rex’s inspirational story.

Don’t Let the Darkness In

Australian actress, Jolene Anderson, sings Don’t Let the Darkness In, a song released for the not-for-profit, Black Dog Institute, to communicate an important message of hope to those who have been touched by mental illness. Don't Let the Darkness In, is an inspiring and moving song of courage and strength, with proceeds funding research, education and
awareness of mood disorders.

Stowe Australia at Fox Studios Australia Corporate Videos

The corporate videos present the communications and electrical works performed by Stowe Australia Pty Ltd for consideration in the NECA Excellence Awards. The project was a major commitment for Stowe Australia over two and a half years. It presented the company with unique challenges that they had to overcome, when providing the electrical and communications infrastructure and fit-outs in existing heritage buildings for the professional studios at Fox. The corporate videos showcase their works, and detail the commitment and expertise of the employees to create world-class facilities.


Two girls walk on different sides of the road, but in the same direction…

In a time when cultures collide, two friends overcome racial boundaries to discover that friendship conquers all.

Two young country girls, Edie, an Aboriginal girl and Maggie, a non-Aboriginal girl develop a special friendship. Through the innocence of their youth they are open to explore life; choosing to set aside the colour of their skin. They’re inadvertently exposed to the prejudices that exist, through the complications within their own families, and the separation, lost privileges, pain and
anger they witness.

Life Goes On

‘Have you ever wondered who would be at your funeral, if you died?’

A popular barman, engaged to be married, begins to question his existence when his life begins to unravel. On bad terms with his sister and feeling discontent in his job, the final straw comes when his friends let him down and his fiancé breaks off their engagement. He struggles to make sense of his life, and the people within it; discovering too late, that he is cherished by many.

An Aunt’s Perspective

This personal story tells of the challenges that allergy sufferers and their families face when dealing with this potentially life threatening condition. Living with serious allergy is an ongoing learning process, and requires knowledge, patience and understanding. ‘An Aunt’s Perspective’ chronicles how one family comes together to support a severely allergic child.